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Installing 'Separator'

This work was produced during the Graduate Residency Scheme at the Showcase gallery in Southampton. I was one of five graduates in 2014, from across the art department, chosen to produce and exhibit a new body of work. Consulting with the curators of the gallery, we decided to use vinyl prints to display the work. This meant that the images, which were taken on 35mm film, needed to be scanned, digitised and sent to a specialist vinyl printer.

Upon arrival, the very talented team at Showcase were on hand to support the installation. It was certainly nerve wracking. Vinyl is not the sort of material you can simply re-hang and it was important for the work to be placed in a particular formation. It takes a decisive hand and true precision.

The vinyl prints were placed directly onto the surface of the gallery wall. As a result, they literally 'took on' the wall's physical surface, highlighting the subtle textures that lay beneath. These photographs, which themselves were taken around Southampton and gathered the various 'surfaces' that make up the build environment, now had a new, fragile, yet temporary status (as there is no saving a vinyl print - it does not come off fully intact).

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